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Normally things run pretty smoothly, but CD manufacturing is a complicated, involved process which requires a great deal of attention to detail. We've compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make with the hope that these things won't happen to you.

All of the issues below are addressed in the ACME CD Artwork Tutorial.
Call or e-mail if you have questions.


1. Improperly set up disc art

2. Missing fonts in Quark XPress, or fonts not outlined in Adobe Illustrator

3. Submitting low resolution files for output, such as 72dpi .gif and .jpg files. Graphic files must be 300 dpi or higher.

4. Not using ACME CD templates

5. No bleed or not enough bleed on printed material

6. Sending RGB files. Instead, files should be converted to CMYK

7. Running type too close to edges and folds (cutting/folding mockups are always recommended)

8. Not including print-outs with your orders

9. Not thoroughly proofing your master and/or art (proofing is the biggest time/money/headache saver of all)

10. Putting the art files on the audio/rom master disc, which is something we see sometimes with CD-ROM projects. Please make an art disc seperate from your audio/rom master, or upload your art to our FTP.

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