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ACME Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1997 by two veterans of the entertainment industry. The company's major services are: CD duplication, CD replication, DVD duplication and DVD replication. This includes the optical disc formats of CD Audio, CD-ROM, Enhanced CD, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, and most recently, t-shirt printing and USB drives. We are also specialists in quick turn CD-R duplication, providing the fastest turn times possible on short runs.

Over the years, the company has helped software companies, record labels, universities, non-profit organizations, advertising agencies, small businesses, and major corporations meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Exceptional service and personalized guidance, as well as insistance on high quality, are the hallmarks of ACME Manufacturing Co.

Our expertise in graphic design, our printing capabilities and our CD packages and DVD packages also distinguish us from the competition. We are also well versed in custom-made sample development and in the specific packaging and printing requirements of the entertainment and software industries.

ACME Manufacturing Company offers you the ideal blend of personal, old-fashioned service and the highest standards in an evolving technology.


American Airlines
American Eagle
Belo Corp
Champion Homes
Clear Channel Communications
i2 Technologies
International Paper
JP Morgan
Nortel Networks
Precision Data
Radio Shack
Southwestern Bell Cotton Bowl
SYMON Communications
Conference Management Services
Time Warner Cable

Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands
Energy Center of Wisconsin
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Mayo Clinic
National AIDS Foundation
Tarrant County Environmental Health Division
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity (PANA)
U. S. Chamber of Commerce
U. S. Department of Justice
U. S. Naval Observatory


Carnegie Technology Education
CA State Fullerton
Central Michigan University
Humboldt State University
Indiana Wesleyan University
Pennsylvania State University
St. Mary's College
Shawnee State University
Southern Methodist University
Stanford University
Northwestern University
University of California, Davis
University of Idaho
Universidad Nacional De Costa Rica
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Design Firms/Advertising:

A4 Studio
Action Figure
Bing Design
EW Bullock
Gordon International
Hawkeye / FFWD
Randall Design
Stone and Ward
Thoma Thoma Creative
Wilson Advertising
Vic Group
Object 9
Alan Messer

Religious Institutions:

Life Outreach International / James Robison Ministries
Northside Baptist Church
General Council of Assemblies of God


Visionary Systems
Piascik and Associates P.C.
DHI Mortgage
Romeo Computers
EMD Biosciences Inc
ILI Infodisk, Inc.
David Knight Photography

Verve Music Group - New York, NY
Trance Syndicate Records - Austin, TX
Two Ohm Hop - Denton, TX
Pop Culture Press - Austin, TX
Fast Horse Recordings - Taos, MN
Flying Bomb Records - Ypsilanti, MI
Looq Records - San Francisco, CA
O-Jet Records - Houston, TX
Quality Park Recs - Denton, TX
Last Beat Records - Dallas, TX
Aezra Records - CA
Butthole Surfers - Austin, TX
The Toadies - Dallas, TX
Ohio Marching Band - Athens, OH
All Tomorrow's Parties UK Festival CD 2002
Nina Nastasia - New York, NY
The Polyphonic Spree - Dallas, TX
Good Records - Dallas, TX
The Agriculture - New York, NY
Voices of Change - Dallas, TX
Voltage Recordings - Carrboro, NC
Undertow Records - St. Louis, MO
Ascetic Records - St. Louis, MO - Boston, MA
Cedell Davis
Honchie - Dallas, TX
The Earl Harvin Trio - Austin, TX
Centro-matic - Denton, TX
Lift To Experience - Denton, TX
The Baptist Generals - Denton, TX
Moonshot Radio
Walking Records - Santa Ynez, CA
The Cosmos
REUP Magazine - San Diego, CA
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Genuflect Records - Kalamazoo, MI
Heavy Creatures - Brooklyn, NY
Arouradrop - Reno, NV
Tribal Productions -San Diego, CA
Corley International, Inc. - Irvine, CA
American Culture eXperiment - Waco, TX
The Ugly - Glendale Heights, IL
Peter Bradley Adams - Los Angeles, CA
Spacebar Recordings - Marina Del Ray, CA
Chris Graham - Athens, OH
Media Music Prod. - Pompano Beach, FL
Carlene Carter - Nashville, TN
The Faves - Nashville, TN
Sovereignty - Riverside, CA
Love, Hallie Foundation - New York, NY
Sub Oslo - Denton, TX
Red Red Records - Cameron, LA
Spoonfed Tribe - Denton, TX
Clint Miller Music - Escondido, CA
Midlake - Denton, TX
Bordertown Music, LLC - Martinez, GA
Legendary Crystal Chandelier - Dallas, TX
Woodson Lateral Records - Seattle, WA
Flipside - Denton, TX
The Burden Brothers - Dallas, TX
Vibrolux - Dallas, TX
Mentality Records
Captain Audio - Dallas, TX
Montrose - Dallas, TX
Robot Monster Weekend - Denton, TX
The Red Book Standard - St. Louis, MO
Little Grizzly - Denton, TX
Identifiable Music - Fairfield, CT
Adult Rodeo - Austin, TX
Dear Diary Records - Edmond, OK
Blue Crow Studios - Newman, GA
Crash Vinyl - Fort Worth, TX
Digital Sound Design
Mighty Ark Records
The Irritants
Crust Brothers (Silkworm, Pavement)
DB Audio
Star City
Deep End Records
The Spitters
Shorty Long
Rainy Day Records
Empire Entertainment
The New Creation Singers - Waco, TX
Troy Olsen - Nashville, TN
BPL Records - Dallas, TX
Thick as Thieves - Brooklyn, NY
Unyson - Ocala, FL
Sioux City Symphony - Sioux City, IA
Tri Point Paradox - Lawrence, KS
BitShift Audio - Becket, MA
25% Toby - Dallas, TX
Gitbox Recordings - Seattle, WA
Fortunate Sons - Nashville, TN
Hat and Crown Records - St. Louis, MO
Valence Entertainment - Grand Prairie, TX
Honey Records - Dallas, TX
Trap Door Records - Sacramento, CA
Hug - Austin, TX
Idea Records - San Antonio, TX
Jet Screamer - Denton, TX
Pong - Austin, TX
Durango Rose Records - Nashville, TN
Direct Hit Records - Dallas, TX
Kinetic Entertainment - Nashville, TN
Self Release Records - Jamacia Plain, MA
Eyeball Records - Kearny, NJ
Perfect Harmony Records - Detroit, MI
Lo-fi - Nashville, TN
Fortunate Sons - Nashville, TN
Loveletter Records - Houston, TX
Old Colony Records - Brooklyn, NY
Lyricle Productions - Minneapolis, MN
Radiocraft - Washington, MI
Rock Show Records - Denton, TX
Saturnine - New York, NY
Vinyl Kings - Nashville, TN
Sit n Spin Records - Charleston, SC
Thick As Thieves - Brooklyn, NY
Soundman Studios - Golden Valley, AZ
Technician - Chicago, IL
Socialist Records - New York, NY
Vesper Records - Nevada City, CA
Tin Drum Recordings - Cos Cob, CT
Something Sacred Records - San Luis Obispo, CA
MountainSong Music - Longmont, CO
Fallen From The Nest
Alphabetik Records - Richmond, VA
Burnt Sienna - Denton, TX
Sandwichship Partnershop - Chicago, IL
Spitfire Tumbleweeds
Denise Martin - Anchorage, Alaska
Kelly Jones - Atlanta, GA
Trap Door Records - Sacramento, CA
Artistic Promotions - Baltimore, MD
Electrofine Music - Loveland, CO
Blue Crow Studio, Inc. - Newman, GA
Roger Hoover - Cleveland, OH
Rolling Blackout Records - Rockford, IL
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