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Your Music Ready for Digital Distribution
digital services Getting your music out to a wider audience means you've got to be able to distribute your songs digitally as well as physically. We're ready to help you make that happen.

International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)

• The first step in preparing your music for digital distribution is to have an ISRC code assigned to each track. This is a unique number that will identify your music and help track sales.
Your music will not be available to any digital download service (e.g., iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody) unless you have an ISRC for each track.

Display Information about your CD

• The next step is to make all of the information about your release (e.g., artist name, song titles, genre, etc.) available to the CDDB database. This will ensure that the titles of your songs will come up in popular music players like iTunes.

• Now, your music is ready for digital retailers like DigStation and iTunes!

• Best off all, ACME Manufacturing can provide these services to you for a flat fee of $49 (up to 16 tracks) with your purchase of any CD package.
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